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Passive Series Video Balun
  • Passive Video Balun (no power required) are Designed for CCTV Signal Transmission over Unshiled Twisted Pair (UTP) Wire (CAT5 network cable).
  • Transmission range up to 300 meters via UTP CAT5 Cable
Active Series Video Balun
  • Active Video Balun (Power required)
  • Transmission range up to 2000 meters via UTP CAT5 Cable
IP Cabling Transmission Products
  • IP Extender (COAX/CAT5 Solution), LAN Repeater
  • PoE Repeater, PoE Extender over CAT5/Coax, Injector, Splitter, Switcher
  • IP / PoE Surge Protector
HD-SDI, HDMI & VGA Transmission Products
  • HD-SDI Converter, Distribution Amplifier
  • HD-SDI CAT5 Extender & Repeater, Surge Protector
  • HDMI CAT5 Extender & Distributor
  • HDBaseT (HDMI) CAT5 Extender, Distribution Amplifier, Matrix Switcher
  • HDMI Distribution Amplifier, Switcher, Repeater, Converter
  • VGA / HDMI / DVI KVM CAT5 Extender
  • USB, VGA, Keyboard Mouse CAT5 Extender
  • VGA Converter
Video & Audio Transmission Products
  • Video & Power over one Coax
  • Video/Audio Distribution Amplifier
  • Video/Audio Amplifier
  • AV/CATV CAT5 Extender and Distribution Amplifier
  • Component Video Audio CAT5 Extender & Distributor
  • Component Video Distribution Amplifier, Matrix Switcher
Wall Plate CAT5 Extender
  • CAT5 Extender for AV, Component Video Audio, VGA, HDMI
Converter & Data Transmission Products
  • Converter of AV, Component Video Audio, VGA, HDMI, HD-SDI & DVI
  • PTZ Receiver
  • RS232/485/422 Converter, Repeater & Extender
  • RS485 Distributor
Surge Protector / Video Interference Devices

Surge Protector

Performs a Different Function than Grounding Requirements
* Protects Equipment from High Voltage Surge of Nearby Lightning Strikes
* Two Stage Protection: Under 1 ns - 90V, Over 10 ns - 12V
* Wide Range of Applications: CCTV/CATV Systems, Antenna of Television,
   FM Receivers, Video Camera, Monitor, Multiplexers & Quad Processors, VCR, etc.

Video Ground Loop Isolator
Video Ground Loop Isolator could reduce "Ground Loop Interference" with CCTV signals and can be easily installed in a new or added to existing systems. It is useful where a video signal is transmitted via cable between points with different ground potentials, the differences in ground potentials are typically caused by unbalanced power line loads.

Video Transformer Filter
"Impedance not matching" happened under long range cabling, or weak and strong differential signals into DVR would cause Video Sync signal not balanced that results in picture "up-rolling".

For coaxial cabling, add CB001VH (Coaxial Balun) for extra interference rejection.
For Twisted Pair cabling, add TVB001